Dear Frankie,

It is Diaversary week. August 23, 2010 you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We will not overlook this day- we will celebrate all week, not the diagnosis, but your spirit and positive attitude! Our young boy who had no choice in losing a carefree childhood- forced to take on a monster of a disease and overnight grow up in ways that seem so unfair.  You don’t think about it that way and I am amazed and proud of you for that. I remember you grabbing the lancet day 1 of living with diabetes and saying “let’s just do this!” Sticking that needle in your tiny six year old finger and checking your glucose level with the drop of blood. I remember—you were much stronger than me.


I wanted to wrap you in bubble wrap and keep you in sight 24 hours a day. I wanted to fix it—and was torn in bits because this disease has no ‘fix.’ I had a fear inside me that at times was so overwhelming I would run into my room and close the door -bursting into tears. I never wanted you to see my fear, I don’t know if I was good at hiding it, but I do know you swallowed yours and carried on like the warrior you are. You, since diagnosis, have looked at this disease like cards you have been dealt, and darn it—you are going to play! Not only are you playing—you are winning.

We have talked over these years regarding how you feel about living with type 1 diabetes. Your answer is always the same “I hate it, but I have to do it.” When facing the difficult –you always find the silver lining—like when you had to leave scout camp early because of dangerous glucose levels you said “It was fun while it lasted,” and at the hospital “they have TV!” You have been called ‘an old soul,’ and ‘an adult in a kid’s body.’ My favorite description of you and your life with diabetes came from your teacher this year who said “You handle it like wearing a pair of glasses.” That you do—and you amaze me.


You have taught me more about living to the fullest and savoring every second than I ever knew before. You have shown me what courage looks like and that love, hope, and determination can overcome the most brutal challenges. You have taught me to never give up and to always look for the rainbow on cloudy days.

You are my SUPERHERO! From six years old to the verge of thirteen—you are owning this life that you have been given and I am so proud of you.

Celebrating YOU during Diaversary week!

Love you,


“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Sun Tzu