All is well, until it isn’t…



To be a fourth grader, in June, in my town is to be excited and a bit nervous for end of the year field trips, upcoming graduation from elementary school, tours of the middle school, state testing, concert performances, science fair, and such.  If you are a cub scout add in the moving up in rank ceremony and the end of the year camping trip. Add a dash of spring sports. Mix in the crazy Upstate NY weather-hot then cold and back again.  If you are Frankie—include riding in the Tour de Cure and shake it all together with your Type 1 Diabetes.

All is well, until it isn’t.

A beautiful Saturday morning, bags packed for scout camp, Frankie with a huge smile on his face and a BG of 135 as we get in our car and head to Camp Woodland. We get to camp and go our separate ways—Frankie with his scout den and awesome leader who takes on the ‘diabetes watch’ so Frankie can enjoy all the camp activities (THANK YOU!) and off I go to run the activity I volunteered for.  Mid morning BG check—a bit high (221) but he is excited—so expected—Frankie gives himself insulin to correct it. Lunch check, even higher (298.) It’s hot, he is excited—all things that can raise your glucose level—another dose of insulin to ‘correct’ the high BG, lots of water, lunch with insulin and Frankie is determined to keep going—even though he is getting a bit of a headache.  Tylenol for that—and he continues. By dinner we have a decent BG (77). We’ve got this! Overnight—stays level—with BG hovering around 160. We are praising ourselves for our diabetes fabulousness!

Sunday arrives –another beautiful day. Early start, Rachel has a soccer game 2 hours away—so in the car and on the road by 6:30am. Steady BG (122) through morning, back in the car to drive an hour to see Aunt Peg and visit over lunch. Excitement revs up for Frankie who can’t wait to see his favorite Aunt. The pre lunch check—a bit up there, BG (238). Frankie takes the steps—he knows what to do for his diabetes-he’s rolling with it.  A fun afternoon, then back in the car to ride home. BG (178)

All is well, until it isn’t.

From the backseat: “I feel weird” mutters Frankie. Nothing like driving 65 mph on the highway and hearing your T1D in the backseat say “I feel weird.” We are calm, we got this, and we have dealt with ‘feel weird’ before. BG check, and we get our first number over 300. BG (362) I’ll admit—inside I had a little ‘YIKES!’ moment, but outside “Do a correction and drink all your water.” I say. “I’m getting a headache” replies Frankie.

All is well, until it isn’t.

Fast forward-today is Thursday and Frankie has been out of school all week. Monday—EEKS!—high BG, high BG, high BG. These kind of BG’s give Frankie wicked headaches, nausea, and overall BLAH! Changed pump, used new bottle of insulin (oh how that hurts to toss a bottle 3/4 full —but it may be ‘insulin gone bad’ causing the highs-so you gotta do it!). Tuesday dawns a little brighter—Frankie feeling better heads to school. I get the dreaded phone ringing about 11:15am. (The stomach toss that happens when the phone rings and you see on your caller ID it is your T1D calling at an ‘off’ time.) Frankie, his voice a bit shaky, “Come pick me up please.” BG (421). Frankie hasn’t been back to school since. Changed ratios, changed base dose, and we will change them again and again until we can reach that balance on the tightrope that is life with diabetes.  It’s been a roller coaster, and yesterday, as Frankie checked his BG, and it was still high (382), he gave a little sigh. Hearing that was worse than seeing tears. At 10-he knows diabetes is what it is-and all you can do is just keep trying.

Life with diabetes…

All is well, until it isn’t.


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