Saluting the BIGS and the LITTLES in BLUE-World Diabetes Awareness Day…

Today is November 14th.  This day could be your birthday, anniversary, or just Thursday-but to 26 million Americans living with diabetes—it is a day to spread the facts and fight the myths that surround all types of this disease. November 14th is World Diabetes Awareness Day.


There are a lot of fantastic organizations-big organizations-that work hard every day to improve the lives of people with diabetes, work towards a cure, and help educate the world about all types of diabetes. You may or may not know their names…The American Diabetes Association (, JDRF (, The Joslin Diabetes Center (, The Diabetes Research Institute (, The Faustman Lab (, and many more.  We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to all those who live with diabetes- but  today we also want to celebrate the little guy—the people you don’t know—who are out there –working hard to raise awareness and educate the world about this dreadful disease called diabetes. Working hard to help others.  We can’t name them all—so we salute these few—in honor of all.

The Henson Family: Camillus NY.

This BIG HUGE Billboard says it all…


This billboard not only raises awareness of diabetes and gets people who see it to google ‘World Diabetes Day’ –this billboard shows LOVE. Love of a family-united- for one of their own who is 10 years old and living with type 1 diabetes. A family-taking the time (a lot of time) working together to create this fantastic billboard, heft it out into their front yard and IT LIGHTS UP for goodness sake! Just spectacular! The Henson’s also gave out diabetes informational flyers with blue ribbons attached and asked people to tie those ribbons on trees for the Month of November. If you are lucky enough to drive through their hometown this month—you can see the love, waving with the trees—all the ribbons!

Gabriella McLaughlin: Dewitt, NY

To say Type 1 Diabetes has been unkind to this wonderful 18 year old is an understatement.  Diagnosed when she was just a baby—diabetes has not played fair with Gabriella. What would make me cower in a corner, hide under my blankets, and just give up—has only motivated this young adult to keep fighting the daily fight. Gabriella volunteers her time with many diabetes advocacy groups, she is a caregiver to young diabetics—a lifesaver to parents of children with diabetes—because they can safely leave their child with Gabriella—because she KNOWS. No explaining shots, BG checks, glucagon, and more. Gabriella is the Mary Poppins of Diabetes! This November-Gabriella started a facebook page for people in CNY who live with all types of diabetes. She wants them to have a place to share information and ideas, to celebrate the good days, and help each other through the bad. Gabriella puts her own struggles aside to HELP!

Kelly Wright- Badgley and Ingrid McCurdy: Mom’s on a MISSION in Central NY

These wonderful women are Moms to children with Type 1 Diabetes. Sometimes people with diabetes can’t feel the fluctuating highs and lows of their glucose level. This is dangerous and life threatening. Such is the case for their children. What to do? These Moms got busy-doing research and raising funds to provide their children with a Diabetes Alert Dog. ( D.A.D.) These dogs are amazing—they can smell a fluctuating glucose level in the early stages and alert their owner –so they can check their BG and correct as necessary before an emergency happens.  Kelly and Ingrid did not stop there.  Their children now have their dogs, and these moms are still raising money to pay for them (it’s not the dogs that are the expense—it is the extensive training they need to do their work) they have begun reaching out to other families to help them learn about these awesome D.A.D.s and help them raise the money needed to bring one home to their children.  Kelly and Ingrid are saving lives— one dog at a time.

So today, as we commemorate World Diabetes Awareness Day, we say a HUGE THANK YOU—to the BIG GUYS and the LITTLE GUYS—working hard everyday to make the world a little smarter, a little better for people who live with diabetes, their families and friends.

Saluting the BIGS and the LITTLES in BLUE this World Diabetes Awareness Day!


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