You’ve heard the BAD…here is some GOOD…

All parents are trying to raise responsible little humans. We want them to make good choices, good decisions. If you are a parent of a child with diabetes –double, no–quadruple that and multiply it by a million. We want our children with diabetes to make smart LIFE choices and smart DIABETES choices. 

My son is 10. He has had type 1 diabetes since age 6. The first night home after diagnosis my son creeped into the kitchen and ate an entire box of fudgies. Bad choice…but he thought he was never going to be able to eat a fudgie again! We have come a long way since those crazy first days after diagnosis.

Frankie now self manages all of his diabetes care using an Omnipod insulin infusion system. The system does the carb math for him–so he doesn’t have to rely on us, his school nurse, or any adult regarding his management. This scares the crap out of me and makes me proud all at the same time! 

Let’s talk about Frankie’s awesomeness! Frankie knows how to adjust his insulin dose based on an upcoming basketball game, math test, or growth spurt. Frankie knows that pizza will have a slow reaction in his system and he regulates his insulin to cover that late pizza blood glucose spike. When I think it’s too much insulin for a dose–he says “I know what i’m doing” and damn he is right every time! 

Parenting a child with diabetes is letting go of the reins and being amazed by your child’s ability to know how to get it right! Easier said than done! 

Today-Frankie’s Omnipod became detached–it got knocked  and came undone. He called me–told me what happened–and I went right to school to replace his pod. He was sitting with one of his teachers–face like a stone. The teacher left the room and he burst into tears–scared he would go into DKA because his pod was not delivering insulin. Frankie knew right away that his pod was compromised, called me, so he was never in danger. He did what he had to do and kept it together until I got there. 

I don’t know that I would have the strength that he had to keep from crying for so long. He was a ROCK until I arrived. 

That is resilience, strength, and awesomeness. 

We changed the pod, he stayed in school, life went on. 

the BAD and the GOOD.


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