Coming out of the closet…

Did you know that today is National Coming Out Day? I want everyone to come out–and stop hiding the fact they have diabetes.

I think we are raising our kids to hide it. How many of our kids go to the health office for every blood glucose check, every insulin shot, every diabetes task? My son did –for 3 years. He could do these things right in the classroom,–but he went to the health office because ‘that is how it’s done.’  I know some kids with diabetes need help with these things–and they have to go to the health office–but what about the kids that don’t? What message do you think they are getting? Mine thought he was not to do these things in front of other people. He believed that every check and injection had to be behind closed doors.

No way. Diabetes is a part of who he is. He has to do these things to stay alive. As his Mom, I don’t want to raise him to believe he has to spend his life going into public bathrooms to take care of himself so no one will see what living with diabetes is.

This year at school my son moved to self care in the classroom. He doesn’t go to the health office anymore. He checks his glucose level, and infuses his insulin right smack in the middle of the school setting. (A BIG THANK YOU HERE to his school district for supporting him and his self management efforts.) Guess what…diabetes is now a matter of course in his classes. He is no longer ‘the nurses office kid.” His grades have improved and his diabetes health has improved. Since self managing -his A1C has gone from 9.1 to 8.5! Hooray!

Your neighbor, your co-worker, that person at the coffee shop–may have diabetes and you will never know it because it is thought of as a disease of your own making-so people hide it. That is just not true. It is a disease of a broken pancreas–beta cells not producing any insulin, beta cells not making enough insulin, or beta cells making insulin that is not usable by the body.

Let’s come out of the closet diabetics of all types! Stop taking the blame & put the blame where it belongs–on the disease!


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