paradeIt hit home yesterday just how much strength my son has to conjure up every day and how love can give you that strength.  Sitting at the 4th Parade, candy being tossed from the floats, I see my kids bagging theirs up for later—when we can check a BG and count the carbs—plan it into a meal. All around other kids are bagging some, eating some. I remember—my kids used to do that. When your favorite flavor of Wacky Taffy gets tossed right in your lap—it takes some self-control to stick it in a bag for later. As Frankie does it-he says “this is mine! I call it!”  His sister Rachel nods, and sticks her own favorite into the bag, also ‘calling’ it. She doesn’t have T1D, but she loves her brother, so she waits to eat it too. Strength and love in action.

A kind woman, sitting near us, offers my kids an ice cream sandwich. Inner me wants to step in, but I hold back to see what the kids will say. “No Thank you” says Rachel. “I have type 1,” says Frankie, “and I just ate and got a shot, so thanks though.” Uh oh, I see the LOOK come across the woman’s face.  She has no idea what Type 1 means. Here is when, as a Mom of a T1D, you have to decide-do I let my child handle this or do I step in? Will she say something negative? Will this conversation take a bad turn as sometimes they do?  “What’s Type 1?” she asks—mainly to me—but I decide to let Frankie take this one. “My pancreas doesn’t work, so I need insulin when I eat. I just ate—so I don’t want another shot, but thanks” he says. “Oh, do both your kids have it?” she asks. I am thinking to myself—she doesn’t know he is talking about diabetes and I am wondering WHAT it is she thinks he has. “No, just my son. He had a virus that triggered it” I say-deciding that a full blown T1D lesson is not the appropriate response to this act of kindness. “While do you want one honey?” she says to Rachel. “No Thank you” is her reply. “You can have it if you want” Frank whispers, “I don’t care.” “No, I‘ll wait & we can have one later” Rachel whispers back. “Mom, can we buy some ice cream sandwiches on the way home?” Rachel asks. Strength and love in action.

Swimming with friends later in the afternoon, Frankie checks his BG before getting in the pool. About an hour into swimming he has to come out to check again. The kids are mid-pool game & I can see on his face he doesn’t want to get out-but he does. Checks his BG, hoping it will be good and he can get right back in, but meter reads low-so he has to eat. I go into the house to get some snacks and when I come back outside ALL the kids are out of the pool. “We’ll eat with Frank and go back in after.”  A friend says.  Strength and love in action.


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