You cried when they told us Frank had this disease,12-63DB72CD-1062691-800

A bomb dropped- that caused time to freeze.

Frank sat on your lap, through tests and blood draws,

Your love and encouragement never hit pause.

“You can do this my man, we are in this together.”

He learned on your lap-this disease is forever.

You won’t let it stop him-you do all that you can,

To make sure he grows to be a very old man.

You take on the tasks of an unrelenting condition,

You’re a doctor, a nurse, a mathematician.

You work through the day, and check your son through the night,

Always on watch- to make sure your boy is alright.

You make sure he knows that dreams still can come true.

I hope he grows up to be just like you!

You make sure your daughter does not feel she takes a back seat,family 2011 007

behind all the demands T1d makes us meet.

You take time for soccer, board games, and such,

You’re a taxi, a teacher-you do so much!

Your actions each day shout out your love,

For your boy and your girl-your gifts from above!

To the world’s greatest Dad-Happy Father’s Day!

We love you more than words can say!

2013 tour de cure 180


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