epic 2013 June 9th is the Tour De Cure. We signed up for this so many months ago and I can’t believe the day is here already! The riders have practiced, prepared their bodies and their bikes, raised $$ and raised awareness of this monster called diabetes.

I am filled to overflowing with pride for my children, my husband, and our friends. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity of the people who donated to our rides, gave words of encouragement, and volunteered to help at the event–because they love Frankie. I am amazed at the work, the energy, the commitment from the staff at the American Diabetes Association–this is not a job for them–it is a calling.

A part of me, deep down where I try to hide it, is near tears- because I am scared of letting my 9 year old  type 1 diabetic ride 15 miles on a bike. Will his BG drop and Frankie not feel it? Will he stop if he needs to–or press on in determination? Will he be okay?  My brain knows he is with Dad, his sister, his aunt, and his friends. My brain knows that there are medical personnel ALL over this event–just in case. My brain knows he will be cared for, will be safe, but my heart worries. That is what Mom’s do.My worry will not stop him–just as diabetes has not stopped him these last three years.

When our friend Jody Bishop, also a type 1 warrior, told Frankie about this ride–I could see the light pop on in Frankie’s eyes and I knew–right there–Frankie was joining the Tour! In a blink, Rachel was riding, Dad was riding, friends were riding, and what I thought as a family we were going to ‘discuss’ became a ‘we are doing!’  no discussion necessary.

When Frankie was asked to be the Youth Ambassador for this ride by the American Diabetes Association we were so proud. Frankie was beaming when he received his ‘Red Rider’ shirt.albany 182 (Red Rider’s are people in the Tour De Cure who have diabetes) Frankie spoke at the Tour kickoff dinner and he said “I ride because I can! and I want other kids with diabetes to know they can too.”

So, I’m scared, just as I was the day of diagnosis and  have been with all the  other hurdles diabetes has thrown our way–but Fearless Frankie, our T1D warrior, will get a hug from me, a good luck kiss, and he will ride–and I will be amazed by his resilience, his bravery, his “I ride cause I can” attitude. I can’t wait to see him cross the finish line!

Thanks to all and everyone for your support, your donations, your hugs, and especially your love!



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