I don’t have a Mother in Law…

It’s Mother’s Day and my thoughts turn to my Mom, who was called to Heaven too soon. My Mom, Jeanne, was one fantastic lady. She raised 10 kids in a little cape cod house-which she made feel like a mansion. Mom taught me to believe all is possible, to work hard, trust in God, and she gave me my best friends-my 9 brothers and sisters. My Mom passed away a few months before I was married-sad for us-great for her, she is now in Heaven. My Mom, I know, is watching over us all.

God must have known that I was still a work in progress because as I lost one Mom, I was given another, my Mother-in-Law, Dorothy. I laugh at the name ‘mother-in-law’ because Dorothy has always been Mom-we’ve never been in-laws, always family.

family 2011 049Dorothy has been my friend, my biggest fan, my confidant, and my support. She is ‘Grandma Dottie’- Super Grandma! When diabetes came into our lives, she cared for our oldest, Rachel, while we went with Frankie to the Diabetes Center. When I had guilt and ‘bad mom’ feelings -thinking I should have taken Frankie to the doctor sooner-she built me back up, cheered me on, and just loved me through it. Grandma Dottie-Super Grandma was never afraid (or at least she never showed it!) to have her newly diagnosed T1D grandson over. She learned to give shots, do blood glucose checks, how to use glucagon, weird math, and the 1000 other need to knows about diabetes. Super Grandma even ventures out with her grandchildren to restaurants, carnivals, the mall- with a diabetes bag in hand and a smile on her face. Showing her grandkids by her actions–that diabetes won’t stop a Palladino. Super Grandma makes both her grandchildren feel special, loved, and encouraged.

So this Mother’s Day I am thankful for the Mom I was born to and the Mom I gained by marriage. I know I either need A LOT of help, or God loves me very much-maybe both-to have received the gift that is my two Moms.

I don’t have a Mother-In-Law…I have  a second Mom who is AWESOME and I love her very much!


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