A Tribute…

michelleToday we lay to rest one of our family members who was a shining light in our world. Michelle was a beacon of happiness. Always a welcome day and night at her door, a needed hug, a good story, and a fierce game of cards–no matter your age or your skill level–she’d crush you in the game with that huge smile on her face. I’m going to miss that smile.
When our Frankie was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she was one of the first people who called me. I was full of tears and fear, she listened, let me cry it out, and in her special way-got me laughing, got me positive, made me strong. Michelle really ‘got’ what being a kid with diabetes was about. She always treated Frankie the same as the other kids–offered him sweets and let him make the decision “Hey Frankie, are my brownies worth an insulin shot? How about my macaroni and cheese?” she’d say and how that would make him laugh! She knew-laughter is the best medicine.
Michelle was bravery in our misdt. She battled breast cancer, losing her parents, the struggles life throws at you-and she braved it all–with that huge smile and can do attitude. Just weeks ago they found liver cancer. Michelle told me by sending me a text. That makes me laugh out loud. A damn text. ‘Hi how is your day? Doc found a tumor on my liver.’ Wish I saved that text.
So, as I iron my clothes, gear up for the service, I am promising Michelle up there in Heaven to do it her way. To tell the funny stories, remember the happy times, and keep a smile on my face. See the joy in hard times and make the most of everyday & the time we have together–because that IS what it’s all about.
Till we see you again Beautiful One, keep the coffee pot on for me!


One thought on “A Tribute…

  1. That is so true about Michelle she never wanted anyone to feel bad or sad, even after finding out about the liver cancer. She still had a smile on her face. I will never forget all the fun we have had through out my years. I miss you My Michelle

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