Oh what a ‘KNIGHT!’

The arena was packed! People from all over had come out to watch the AWESOME Syracuse Silver Knights Professional Soccer team play to win. My kids came–to cheer on the team and spread some diabetes awareness.rachel frank knights

It all started with a Silver Knights visit to my kids school. The Knights came to give a soccer demonstration to the school children and put an idea in my children’s heads. Off the bus they came, full of plans to ask the team to have a Diabetes Awareness ‘Knight.’ Next came the email to the Knights asking if they would allow us to host a ‘What’s your Type?’ Diabetes Awareness ‘Knight.’ After getting a YES my kids were off and running!knights table

They made a video for the arena Jumbo-tron with the help of a local company called Blindleaf productions. They planned a field show–full of posters, What’s your Type? t-shirts, and kids–running the field –spreading facts about all the different forms of diabetes. They lined up singers for ‘God Bless America’ and arranged a diabetes awareness table with help from the American Diabetes Association. They went on the news–in the hopes of getting people living with diabetes to come to the game. They sold tickets–got excited!NDE_8155

Friday February 22 at 7pm–it all came together. My kids were not the least bit nervous. The excitement of the night caused Frankie’s blood glucose levels to go up–into the 300’s. “Just give me some insulin, I’ll be okay” said Frankie–and off he went, with his sister Rachel, and their friends to get their message out.

The Silver Knights went above and beyond for my children! They gave them extra time for their field show, showed the video on the Jumbo-tron throughout the game, and announced facts about diabetes throughout the game. Needless to say, we were big fans of the Knights long before this event—we are now AVID supporters of this team–who not only provide our city with great family friendly, action packed games–but also gave my kids the gift of making a differerence in the lives of people who live with the same disease they do.What a 'KNIGHT!"NDE_8145

Words of thanks are not enough-but THANK YOU–Syracuse Silver Knights, all the friends, family, and strangers that came out to this game and cheered on these kids who have embraced the task of informing their community about this disease called diabetes that they live with everyday.what a KNIGHT 2



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