Let’s just do this…

Frankie has had Type 1 Diabetes for about 3 years. In that time he has had 7,644 injections of insulin, stuck his finger with a needle to test a drop of his blood with a glucose meter 10,920 times, learned to count carbs, read labels, consider activity level vs insulin dose, managed his disease through 8 bouts of illness, and completed 2 1/2 years of school, 2 levels of cub scouts, and 3 seasons of basketball and baseball. In 3 years he has shown his parents what BRAVERY looks like. Frankie woke up the day after diagnosis and said “Let’s just do this” and he hasn’t looked back since.
As his parents-we are facing one of the biggest challenges yet-WE have to be brave. Frankie’s cub scout troop is going on an adventure-which includes a talk with a naturalist and a hike in the woods, followed by a pizza party. All sounds like fun, and a great experience for Frankie. The challenge lies in the fact that neither Mom or Dad can go because we work. Frankie’s best friend’s Mom has volunteered to ‘learn diabetes’ so Frankie can go. This Mom already knows a lot about diabetes-because our kids spend so much time together. Frankie has stayed over night at her house-which is 2 seconds away from ours. The decision to say okay to the sleepover now seems like a drop in a bucket compared to this. I trust this Mom like I trust no other-she treats my kids like they are her own–she is smart and good in a crisis–but I am still scared. I am scared of all the variables that are diabetes-especially on a hike, the small things that you can’t teach or write down–you only know them when you live it. I am scared of what I know about diabetes, scared of letting him go–because this place is NOT seconds away. I’m just scared, with a lot of sad mixed in–because childhood should not be like this.
The easy way out-we don’t let him go, but we ask ourselves-what would we do if Frankie didn’t have diabetes? The answer of course, is he would go. There wouldn’t be worry or fear–just a kid on an adventure with his friends. We want him to have that, he deserves to have that!
So God watch over Frankie…”Let’s just do this!”


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