WKRP in Cincinnati…

ImageEvery 3 months Frankie goes to see his Endocrinologist at the Joslin Diabetes Center. He gets his A1C checked-which is a check of a drop of his blood,  and results in a number -reflecting how controlled, in the last three months, his blood glucose levels have been. Frankie’s aim is to be a number between 7 and 9.

We have an appointment coming up this week, and I can already hear the DJ from that old TV show, WKRP in Cincinnati (remember that show?), saying “Give it to me straight Doctor I can take it!”  The truth is-I can’t take it! Try as I might, I can’t help thinking of this as a pass or fail test. If Frankie gets a good number–Hooray–gold star! If Frankie gets a number out of range—BOOOO—FAIL!

I know, in my head, that this is not how it works. With Type 1 Diabetes–you do the very best you can everyday to balance insulin doses with your carb intake, activity level, stress level, growth pattern, and the rotation of the earth on it’s axis. Staying in range is a crap shoot-especially for a kid-who is constantly growing and changing- both inside and outside his body.

Ohhh, but my heart! My heart wants that A1C number to come back in range SOOOOO bad! I want all the math problems solved, carb counting, regular glucose tests, and positive attitude to have mattered! I want all the work my son does regarding his diabetes, work just to stay alive, to be rewarded! I am a Mom-who wants my boy to get that gold star- because he works so damn hard for it everyday!

Frankie, as with all things Type 1 Diabetes, rolls with it. When his A1C comes back out of range, he talks to his doctor about changing his insulin ratios like he is talking to his friends about legos. Frankie doesn’t let the A1C be a ‘make it or break it’ deal.

So, as we go for our 3 month check up, I gear up, get mentally ready. Here we come Cincinnati–“Give it to me straight Doctor–If Frankie CAN TAKE IT–I CAN TAKE IT!”



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