A letter to friends…

Dear Friends,

Remember me? I am the curly haired girl you used to have coffee with, meet for lunch, and oh-yeah-I used to return your phone calls.

I am writing to tell you-I am really not a horrible friend. It’s been a long time, I know, but back in August 2010-I took on a second job-really all of us in our family did. We didn’t apply for it, we don’t really want it, and here’s the kicker–we have to pay for the job–not the other way around!

I am holding the position of CEO of Type 1 Diabetes / Chatham Drive Division. I am responsible for various mathematics equations, pharmaceuticals needed and how to use them, continuous monitoring of type 1 (both the day and night shifts), keeping logs, being up to date on the latest technology, all medical requirements, ordering of all supplies needed, and public relations-to name a few.

The funny part is -I had no skills for this position -I have totally been winging it! This job consumes pretty much all of my time-hence I don’t get to see you much anymore. I do have assistance. My husband, daughter, and especially my son are all working for Type 1 too. They handle monitoring while I am at my ‘real’ job, you know-the one that pays me. They also handle the food supplies that are required-including food research and purchasing. My husband is the supervisor of The Getting Extra Money Department- needed to pay for this new job-working overtime at his ‘real’ job–you know- the one that he get’s paid for. My daughter is in charge of the Continuous Worry Department. Yes, I know she is quite young for this responsibility but she wouldn’t let any of the rest of us take it on like she does. My son has the worst job of all-Owner of Type 1/Chatham Drive Division. He has to do all the jobs we do plus inject himself with medication, make himself bleed, and live with type 1 -24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He is our boss-making sure we all do our jobs. When we don’t do our jobs right-he passes out, gets very sick, has to go to the hospital.

We all get vacations-except my son. He never gets a day off, break time-nothing. He goes away to type 1 camp every summer for a week. That’s when the rest of us get vacation. We don’t have to do our jobs that week-because people at the camp take them on for us-while except for the Worry Department work-we still have to do that during our vacation-but the workload is smaller that week. My son is still doing his job at camp–and learning new ways to be a good owner of Type 1.

We are told that we can retire from these jobs someday–all of us but my son. They say when he gets older-he will do all these jobs himself and won’t need us, the T1D staff, to work anymore. We say-we’ll see it to believe it-especially the Worry Department-I don’t see any of us retiring from that.

Anyway, I want you to know that I still think of you, all the fun times we have had, and I miss our coffee breaks, lunches-all our time together! If we ever do get to retire, like they say, I will call you up and maybe we can get together?

Wishing you all the best,



4 thoughts on “A letter to friends…

  1. Patty, you are so special. God only gives us what we can handle…and you are making Him proud!! I’m so thankful for all you are doing for T1D awareness. Much Love, Jill

  2. Patty, I am really so incredibly proud to call you my closest friend. You need to add writer to your long list of talents! The way you talk about your life on Chatham gives us an idea of the challenges the entire family faces. I pray for a cure for diabetes so you can all retire…especially Frankie!! Love you!

    • Shannon-I love you too! Greatest part of friendship is we may not see each other for months, even years–but we can pick it up right where we left off! Nothing greater than a friend who knows what you looked like in a CYO cheerleading uniform–and loves me anyway!! Keep praying for us–as I do for you and yours! xxooxx

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