The best made plans…

Some call it Murphy’s Law and some call it fate-but we all know what it’s like when the best made plans fall apart in the final hour. We ask 30 family members over for the Thanksgiving of the century and the oven breaks just as you are ready to put the turkey in or you spill your coffee down the front of your shirt just as you get to the office. GRRRR.

That is how it is in life with type 1 diabetes sometimes. Take this weekend for example. My daughter planned to celebrate her birthday with a sleepover at our house with her friends. We bought the food, decorated the house, and planned some fun party games. All is well until 3 hours before the party when diabetes decided it wanted an invite! That is when my son announced he “felt funny” and a check of his glucose level showed a pretty high number and a check of his urine showed high levels of keytones. GRRRR!

This is when it get’s hard to deal with. You ask yourself–do we cancel the party? You know your daughter will be crushed–but your son may get worse and need medical attention. What to do?

In our house-we decide to carry on. My husband takes control of the uninvited guest-Type 1 diabetes and I handle the 6 giggling girls. Our daughter asks why her brother isn’t coming out to eat cake, play games, and make smores. “Is he sick?” she asks, eyes filled with concern. “No-just wants to hang out with Dad while you all have some girl fun.” (A little white lie but it’s for a good cause.)

My daughter enjoys a great party, and my son’s BG level and keytones come down with lots of water and insulin.

Sometimes diabetes wants to make you stop, wants to put a wrench in your best made plans. Sometimes-diabetes gets to do just that–and it hurts when that happens. This weekend Diabetes just wanted to remind us–hey I’m here–as if we ever forget!


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